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How to edit videos to iPhone 5

What is the best iPhone 5 Video Converter? I'm a video fan and want to convert my favorite videos to my iPhone 5. iPhone5 is not only a high-end smart phone but also a great media player which allow you watch widescreen HD video freely on its 4 inch high-definition...

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How to edit AVI fiels on Mac

It happens often that you need to split AVI file into smaller parts on Mac. If you have a .avi film, but it's too big to fit your CDs, upload on Youtube or for other purpose, you can use AVI Editor for Mac in order to easily extract specific part of .avi...

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How to join/Merge/Crop MTS Files Mac

MTS file format is actually a high-definition steam video file format which typically employed by HD camcorders for example Sony /Canon /Panasonic/JVC camcorder, consequently, as a Mac user, if you'd like to edit your MTS files shot by your HD camcorders,...

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